What the Tech vlog #13 – Hot App Balloons

Do you find it frustrating when you need to use multiple apps at once, but have to keep switching between them as you can only have one open at a time?
Be frustrated no more as I have a way that you can use mutliple apps at once!
Watch my video below to find out more.

Hello, everyone.
This is Virr from Ignite and this is our What The Tech Vlog where we experiment with apps and services, and other tech so that you can learn from our experiences.
Do you ever wish that you would be able to use apps on top of each other, on the iPad so that you can actually browse the web while you’re maybe taking some notes?
Or maybe you’re looking at some pictures and you want to put them into an album on OneDrive or something like that?
Well, there’s a really great way and that’s called Hot App Balloons, or at least that’s what I call it.
This is a feature on your iPad similar to the split screen that I did a few weeks ago.
You can actually put an app on top of another app and this will allow you to be able to do a couple of things at the same time.
This is a really easy feature to use. All you do is you open whichever app you want to have in the background, and then you slide up from the bottom of the iPad to bring up the dock, and then you hold your finger down on the app and then you just pull that up into the screen and what you’ll see is they’ll be a box that comes up and when you let go of that the app will pop-up into that box.
That’s a really great feature because as I mentioned earlier you’re able to use apps on top of other apps and the really cool thing about this as well is that this even works with the split screen.
So you can have split screen and you have another app on top of that.
So you can be working with three different apps at the same time.
Now this can be super useful if you’re someone who likes to be either doing multiple things at the same time, or at least doing one thing that requires multiple apps to use.
So for example, maybe you’re actually editing a video and at the same time you want to be able to browse for some images on Safari that you want to put into the video and at the same time on top of that so you can have those two on the split screen and on top of that you can then put your notepad.
For example your notes, your OneNote, what ever you use for that to, you know, make some notes of where you want to put things in the video, maybe some timestamps.
Another great use for this is let’s say for example, you’re browsing the internet on Safari and what you want to do is have your messages open and then what you can do is you’d be talking to someone while you’re browsing the internet, even have YouTube open so you can be watching a video while you’re doing something else as well.
So, you know, this isn’t available for all apps but so far I’ve not really had any problems using Photos, OneNote, OneDrive, YouTube, quite a few apps actually and there’s even some information on Apple’s website where they actually had a release for this whole feature.
So I’ll put a link to that in the description of the video and go and check it out.
Go and play with the Hot App Balloons as I call it.
I hope you enjoyed that video and this is really a great time for us to come together, stay connected.
So please share this with anyone who you think might really appreciate some technology advice.
Maybe you know, it’s learning, wants to experiment or maybe someone who actually just really needs it for productivity.
So, please share these videos and leave a comment or like to let me know what else you would like me to make a video about in the future and look out for more vlogs soon.


What the Tech vlog #12 – Find Me If You Can

Do you know how to locate your mobile device if it gets lost or stolen?
Watch the video below, where I explain how to locate your phone and also delete your data!
Have you ever lost or had your phone stolen?
Were you able to find it using the method in the video? Did you even know you could do this?

Hello, everyone. This is Virr Haria from Ignite IT and this is our What The Tech Vlog when we use apps, services, and other tech and share our experiences so that you can learn from that. So this week I’m actually following on from the last Vlog where I talked about protecting your devices.
So, you know, I talked about using phone cases and screen protectors.
But you know, what do you do if you lost your device or it gets stolen?
Well, actually, you know nowadays we are very lucky that all of our devices are are almost always connected to the internet and also GPS so both Android phones and Apple phones have a ‘find’ feature.
So on Apple there’s something called ‘Find My iPhone’ or it’s actually just called ‘Fine My’ and if you go to icloud.com/find and then login using that, it would actually be able to locate your device providing it’s been logged onto the internet so that you can then actually not only see where it is but get it to play a sound, put it in lost mode, and also securely erase all of the data so that you know all of your secure passwords or data or other documents are safe.
The Android has a very similar feature. It’s called ‘Find My Device’ and if you go to google.com/android/find you’ll be able to find a very similar kind of functionality where it will show you where your Android phone is on a map as well as allowing you to ring the phone and it says it will ring the phone for five minutes, even if the phones on silent.
It will also allow you to securely lock your device so that logs you out of all of the Google services and stops someone else from being able to access your data while still be able to log back into it in the future if you find your device.
And the last option is the same as iPads where you can actually erase all of the data securely and remotely from you know, a web browser and these functions are really really useful.
You know, I’ve had my phone stolen in the past just snatched out of my hand when I was at University and it was a really frustrating experience and obviously I wasn’t able to get that back and I was very worried just because I had all of my passwords on there.
Luckily, I had a separate app called Serverus installed onto my phone, that allowed me to erase all of the data remotely.
Obviously this depends on your device being connected to the internet usually but as long as it’s got battery and as long as it’s got data, you’ll be able to use these functions of being able to remotely access your device and keep it safe even if it’s lost or stolen.
I hope you got a good lesson out of that, that you can easily access your phone’s features to keep it safe even in the worst circumstances, and I hope that never happens to you.
But if it does don’t forget icloud.com/find or google.com/android/ find both super useful features.
I hope you enjoyed that video and appreciate the value from that and i’ll see you in the next video.


What the Tech vlog #11 – May The Force Protect You

Have you ever dropped something on your phone and cracked your screen?
Or maybe your phone slipped out of your hand and took a beating on the ground?
In both cases you have to pay either the big brand like Apple or some high-street mobile repair company hundreds of £££s just to get a small broken part fixed. Even if you have insurance you’ll still have to go through the hassle of getting it replaced/sent off and fixed!
Phones aren’t made like old Nokias any more, they break all too easy. That’s why it’s so important to always use protection when it comes to the things most important to you – and nowadays we live on our phones, tablets and computers. This is the way.
Something I use is called a Tempered Glass Screen Protector, and I recommend everyone get one too. They’re fairly easy to install nowadays as they usually come with an installation kit. Here’s some examples: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/s?k=tempered+glass+screen+protector
Also, make sure you have a proper sturdy phone case too, because all too often we buy flimsy cases that look good aesthetically, but will do nothing to protect your phone when it’s going to take some damage. I recommend the “Rugged” cases as they give great protection and it’s the one I have too. Check it out here: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/s?k=rugged+phone+case
But you’ve got to make sure it’s the right size for your phone, and that applies to both screen protectors and phone cases. When searching always include the phone make and model to ensure you find the ones that are correct for your device!
(side-note: always use www.smile.amazon.co.uk to donate to charity when you buy on Amazon!)
Find out more in the video.

Hello, everyone. This is Virr from Ignite It and this is our What The Tech vlog where we use apps, services, and other tech
and share our experiences for you to learn from.
So this week, I’m actually talking about something a little bit different, it’s protection.
So I’ve had quite a few people that I’ve worked with that have phones with scratches and scuffs and different marks on them; and what I recommend to all of them is two different things, one is have a very a solid phone case that will protect your phone if you drop it, and the other one is actually on the front of the phone is to have something called a tempered glass screen protector.
Now, this is a screen protector that’s a bit harder than your sort of thin plastic screen protector.
It’s rated that if you drop it, and I’ve had this in the past where the whole screen protector is cracked, but the screen underneath is completely fine.
So it’s a very very good piece of protection for your phone that is actually very cheap as well, about £6-£10, and you know to install it nowadays a lot of them come with tools to help you put it on properly so you can even do that yourself.
So I just wanted to share that because I found that it’s really really important to have some good protection for these devices that we pay hundreds of pounds for.
You might be able to actually feel a lot safer f you have good protection around your phone.
Now, obviously this doesn’t really protect it from someone stealing it but there are actually apps and services to help you deal with that.
So I’ll go into that in another video.
But hope you appreciate that message, definitely look up tempered glass screen protectors and good phone cases.
I’d recommend sort of silicone ones a lot of people like to go for extra thin ones or leather ones.
I mean, there’s a lot of different styles of phone cases and you can get ones that are a good replacement for your wallet.
One of my friends has that and you know, I definitely recommend looking into what’s right for you.
I don’t have any particular suggestions, but please make sure that you have protection on your phone.
Thank you very much for watching that video.
And if you have any questions or topics that you want me to talk about then let me know and see you in the next video.
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