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Tech Support

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We can provide inidividual or business tech support to enable you to carry on with your work as soon as possible.

Below is a list of some of the devices and softwares that we can support:



We have a variety of ready-to-go products based on what support has been often requested when working with clients. Have a look below and click on each to learn more, or
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The most frustrating thing that stops you working effectively is a slow laptop, and we’re here to help. We investigate your laptop setup and then apply the relevant fixes to get your laptop up to fighting fit. Please note that this is a Windows only service

Everyone has problems with passwords. We’re here to help you solve those issues by collating, investigating, fixing up your account login details, and getting you setup with a password manager

If your files are scattered everywhere, including both digital and physical files, you’re going to need some serious structure to get them sorted. We investigate what the current state of all your files are, organise them as necessary, and possibly get them online so you can access them anywhere

We provide a consultation to investigate into your issue with you and prescribe possible solutions and follow up treatment. This will usually be done with an analysis of your devices and digital literacy