Education & Training

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Group Digital Literacy training on Zoom

We are excited to announce that we’ll be taking our group “Hands on Technology” workshop ONLINE online using Zoom, to teach people about the basics of how to use their devices as well as answering your technology questions.

Our first session will be on Wednesday 20th May at 4pm and is only open to the first 25 people.

Book your session online now by clicking here to open the booking page



121 Digital Literacy Training

Focused attention through 1-on-1 sessions means we can target what you struggle with most, to help you learn more effectively. These can be done in person or online through video conferencing with recordings provided


Group Workshops

Ranging from 2 hours to 2 days, we provide a concentrated learning environment and a community of others on a similar journey. These can be in person or run online through video conferencing


Productivity Training

We will spend time with you to observe your current processes and interactions with technology, and then provide you with suggestions of changes you can make to make use of great tools to be more efficient with your work, so you can relieve stress and serve your clients better

In addition to making suggestions, we can also provide you with a plan of how to implement those changes and work with you on a regular basis to add a layer of accountability that will significantly boost your progress.

Some examples may include using a password manager so you don’t have to remember your passwords, or using voice dictation to speed up your writing. We work with tools such as LastPass, Asana, and Google Apps, which are all cloud services, meaning you can access them from anywhere, so you can be free to work in the way that best suits you.